Keywords: Coronary Heart Disease mechanism

        Hangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital Postgraduate Lu in the study of the mechanism is the formation of blood stasis of coronary heart disease from the cellular level, found that patients with Coronary Heart peripheral blood mononuclear cell procoagulant activity increased fibrinolytic activity in thrombosis former state.

        Lu study found that coronary heart disease patients with BSS procoagulant activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells was significantly higher than that of non-blood stasis syndrome and the healthy control group, decreased fibrinolytic activity. Meanwhile, tetramethylpyrazine and Shen Mai Injection in combination, can be used to improve blood stasis syndrome of coronary heart disease in patients with coagulation / fibrinolytic activity. The researchers combined results, raised monocytes coagulation / fibrinolytic activity change stasis syndrome pathological factors, Chinese medicine Buqihuoxue method can affect the coagulation / fibrinolytic activity in patients with Coronary Heart, improve prothrombotic state, which is an effective method of treatment of Coronary Heart.