Keywords: coronary heart disease

    Because the relationship between nutrition and coronary heart disease is very close, so the development of a sound dietary principles critical to the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. Prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease in a reasonable diet principles are as follows:
    1. Reduce the daily intake of cholesterol. Cholesterol intake should not exceed 300mg / day, or 100mg / per kcal of total calories.
    2. Fat intake should not exceed 30% of total calories, saturated fatty acids should be controlled within 10% of the total calories. Increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, the ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids is preferably 7:1:1.
    3. Consumption of complex carbohydrates, eat or do not eat simple carbohydrates such as sucrose or glucose.
    4. Total calorie restriction less than the standard amount, so that the body weight is maintained at the standard level, overweight (± 5 kg standard weight as normal), should further limit the total calories, or appropriate to increase physical activity.
    5. Advocate eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat soy products, edible liquid vegetable oil.
    6. Try to eat less fat, animal fat, high-fat dairy products and egg yolks, animal offal and other foods rich in saturated fatty acids or cholesterol too much.
    7. Do not drinking water softening.
    8. Reduce sodium intake, sodium chloride, per intake should first strive to achieve less than 10 g / day, the future can be reduced to less than 5g / day for the best.
    9. Drinking: do not drink or less to drink, and the daily volume of no more than 30g.