Keywords: Chinese medicine angina pectoris

    Angina pectoris with coronary heart disease is coronary insufficiency, myocardial occurrence of a sharp transient ischemic hypoxia caused a series of clinical symptoms. In medicine for angina pectoris is how to understand it? “Su asked dirty gas law theory" goes: “heart disease, chest pain, threat support full Xiexia pain Ying back pain between the shoulder, arms of pain." Ying means between the two breasts, chest pain may radiate to the left shoulder back. The clinical findings minimal pain within his arms, and more to the left shoulder and left both sides along the hand Shaoyin heart by Pericardium radiate to the little finger and ring finger. This is a description of the characteristics of the site of angina attack.

    Description of the pain of angina attack is this: “to treat patients on the cloud:" its long heartache branch of the heart do not contact the cold wind in high-risk, pain also, so as rash (disease). Die, The episodes sometimes prolonged does not recover from illness also “. Added: Cardiff heartache, multi-Feng Xie phlegm, take heart meridian evil stroke in righteousness knot in pain also sad the branches do not contact and pain, at first glance between Chad Sheng, Hugh sometimes. “"Golden Chamber shorter gas Chest Pain the abnormal pulse governance chapter" heart broke our back, the back broke our hearts “and other records. “San Franciscans overall record heartache General said:" Uncooperative heartache, chill pawn customer in organs by of hair pawn pain; Yang and Yin Jue, pain cited larynx; heart back phase lead, good Chi slouch; bloating attributed to the heart, Tongshen by; the Jitong such needle cone Cizhe the, the color gray all day, shall not heave a deep sigh; lying from the heart pain, the action is more worse; episodes accumulate between the upper and lower pain repose or due to diet, or from to exogenous in dirty both virtual evil of passengers, the swelling of the liver and the ghost, should pass and plugs, the modern medicine for the pain also. “these clinical manifestations similar onset of angina pectoris.