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    TCM theory holds: the function of the heart is the main yang, the main blood vessels, the main consciousness. First is the main yang, followed by the main blood vessels, the master mind. Thus cardiac pathological changes such as First yang loss, followed by blood damage. “Su asked four gas tune of God," said: “The sun is not long, the heart of the gas within the hole." Sun, referring to the hearts of yang within the hole refers to empty meaning. Is described as the hearts yang of failure. Heart yang collapse or heart qi deficiency, lead to the onset of the main aspects. “Golden, Chest Pain the short breath chapter," said: husband veins when taken too less than positive micro-yin string that thoracic obstruction and pain Why they are responsible for its extremely imaginary also. “Overcast chord" is representative of the cold evil Sheng, “Yang micro" Yang Qi less. The yang is due, Yin Sheng is fruit. Said: “Chaoshi pathogens · Xiongbitong climate" the chill off internal organs, virtual and hair. “Heartache climate", said: “Zhu Yang Qi, Shao by inverse gas that the sun virtual yin Jue also heartache heart both the main yang, and the main blood yang or lose, or to lead Yinxue wasting or lead to poor blood, or cause blood block, this one, are allows heartache attack, or palpitations. As, “Treatment the yardstick" said: “Blood evil weep (with astringent), Walker in the network without pain, blood, evil wins a virtual Zheyi pain." The Yutian Min “Medical Story:" really sad , the the Big Chill violated Shinjim Youyue foul blood red heart. Due evil astringent and pain, the blood is blood stagnation; evil wins deficiency of blood and the pain, belongs to a deficiency of blood; foul blood red heart and the pain, belonging to blood stasis, Clinical see patients have their own. Consciousness existing in the effort being, regardless of their blood stagnation, blood deficiency, blood stasis, any kind of lesions, can cause the mind restless the evil heat into the blood timeshare, particularly evident. Conversely, consciousness disease first, then the impact of the the yang or Yinxue lesions of the heart, is also common. Treatment of the criterion is to say: “husband and Mind temperament, start by Chuti minds of a lot of trouble, grief, dirty is the guilty men. Guilty conscience is evil dry, so Shouxin Zhu envelope by their evil and pain also." “Nest ‘s the source of the disease, “also said:" annoying and more thoughtful damaged heart, a guilty conscience, it is evil multiply the evil plot and not go, when harmful diet, such as heart  FDA8   FDA8  full, Yun Yun and pain, is the heart of so-called paralysis. “

    So, the basic pathology of coronary heart disease, heart qi deficiency and evil multiply. Due to pathogenic cold phlegm, take heart meridian to support cross “unreasonable and pain. “Lingshu meridian chapter," said: “the heart hand Shaoyin vein, starting in the heart …… is moving the disease heartache." Evil organs disease-shaped articles “, said:" Xinmaitong … micro acute heartache lead back. “These instructions meridians lesions, especially the nutrition heart of the meridians the stasis barrier, angina. Therefore coronary heart disease are diseases of the heart and Nutrition heart meridians in Chinese medicine. Coronary heart disease is a cardiovascular disease consistent with Western medicine.